Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food and Music

Love and appreciation of food has really shown throughout our human history, and has been encapsulated into our technological advances. A cursory look into the history of our major endeavors within society show food side by side with most, if not all mediums of information. Cave paintings dating back to the Stone Age reveal game that early humans hunted for sustenance. The Roman written Apicus is historically known as the earliest collection of cookbooks within European history, reserved primarily for professional cooks catering to the upper class. It goes without saying that Gutenberg's Printing Press acted as the catalyst for mass production of printed information, thus enabling printed cook books to flourish. The invention of the television was another milestone, which almost immediately began showcasing my favorite medium for recipes, cooking shows. It's safe to say cooking is an integral part of our society and has wriggled its way into all corners of our communications.

The combination of music and food however is still extremely amusing to me. I've grown up around instruments my entire life and have a profound respect for anybody musically inclined. I love all music, and my appreciation level typically depends on an artists eclecticism. I find parallels between my cooking and my love of music because in both instances I yearn for a wide variety of coexisting flavors. Hip Hop is a great example of what I mean when I say coexisting flavors. Producers search high and low for the best combination of samples that compliment each other, sequencing them together in elaborate orders and running them through a plethora of filters to create their own nuances. I guess you can say all music is similar to cooking in the sense that musicians enjoy following a recipe towards success. They have methods they follow, tools they use and they enjoy the flavors of each ingredient along the way. So if you can play guitar you can cook, and if you can cook... well, you probably still suck at the guitar.

What I love about songs that mention food is the innuendo that almost certainly follows. It seems throughout each generation, artists have enjoyed creating double entendres based off of the idea of cooking or food. Drug use, crime, or sexual endeavors seem to be at the forefront, but sometimes an artist is also just talking about straight up food. I have respect for that.

Below are a few of my favorite tracks that mention food and my interpretation.

MF Doom - Beef Rapp

One of my all time favorite hip hop artists, Doom has kept it real probably longer then you've been born. Hailing originally from London and then NYC, he has played a huge role in underground hip hop and is easily one of the most prolific MC's to ever touch a mic. This song has more metaphors about food then any I can think of. Try to find them all and you win a prize.

Food Kartel - Cook It Inna

I've never really listened to much Reggae, but this guy is great! I'm not sure what he's saying but he definitely means business. My guess is he cooks so good it drives everybody crazy and then they try to steal his food from him. Not cool.

Warrant - Cherry Pie

Do I really need to explain what this song is about? I guess the band got it's name when they were arrested for statutory rape.

Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song

"The way you squeeze my lemon"... That's filthy Mr. Robert Plant! I'm sure there is a deeper meaning to this song, the lemon being as sour as his relationship I suppose. That line is a killer though.

G Love and Special Sauce - Fatman

Great band with an amazing style. I only have good things to say about G Love. This song is obviously about some fat man in a dilemma, needing to choose between eating a sandwich or selling a vehicle. "you're gonna miss a sale you fat man"

Well that's it for now. More recipes in the next few days.

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